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The complete solution for Guest photo distribution - bringing your visitor attraction photography into the digital age.

Easily triple your Guest photography sales by seamlessly integrating our free, state of the art face recognition cloud software. Join free here

How does facetag work?

facetag is the perfect image distribution solution for any attraction, nightclub, resort or event photographer. Enabling the delivery of free or monetized Guest experience photos in a seamless, online environment.

By utilizing facetag's state of the art facial recognition algorithm, facetag effortlessly searches and sorts all images uploaded by you and notifies your Guests of matches via an app on their mobile device - allowing them to purchase, share and download their images through the pricing model set by you.

Increase Revenue

By freeing your Guest photography from physical constraints, you eliminate bottlenecks and missed opportunities by delivering every image to the right person. facetag rids your sales of the narrow window of opportunity that traditional Guest photography suffers from.

Social Integration

Give your Guests images how they want to use them. With Facetag, Guests can easily share purchased images to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and by giving you the option to brand the images it offers a huge social media boost for you too.

Streamlined & Engaging delivery system

Your Guests simply download the facetag iOS or Android App, take a selfie and then our algorithm does the rest - capable of processing millions of images per second from a total dataset of up to 1 billion faces, facetag ensures you never miss a selling opportunity again with the most accurate facial recognition technology in the world.

Built for Business

Facetag has been built and designed from the ground up specifically to fit the flexibility needed for the entertainment industries.

Facetag can be used as a standalone service or alongside your existing Point Of Sale setup seamlessly.

Facetag is the perfect solution for Theme Parks, Water Parks, Visitor attractions, Museums, Aquariums, Zoos, Excursions & Tours, NightClubs, Bars, Themed Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts, Sporting Events, Concerts, Festivals, Weddings, Photo-Booths, Conventions and Expo's enhancing visitor engagement and boosting revenue.

Free Account

Signing up couldn't be easier, it's free, and takes just minutes, there is no contract and you can cancel at any time by simply 'logging out' We've built facetag to be as fully automated as possible - upload, drag and drop images and Facetag does all the heavy lifting. We only charge a commission on the photo's you sell through the platform.

Intuitive UI and robust management tools

facetag utilizes a simple and practical business focused User Interface that allows you to take complete control of your pricing, packages and products. facetag also offers a wealth of analytics to help you keep track of and improve your Guest photography experience. From KPI tracking of unlimited Image Capture Points and ride photos, Guest check-in's at your venue, in depth statistics and purchase data; facetag is the perfect package.

The Facetag App

This is where the magic of your new Guest experience starts. You simply promote the facetag app throughout your venue encouraging your Guests to download the app and take a selfie. Guest signup is streamlined to take less than a minute boosting engagement. Through the app Guests will receive notifications of any matches - all images at this point are watermarked and restricted - once they verify a match they enter into your distribution and pricing model. Chosen images are then digitally delivered allowing them to edit, share or print.

About Us

Our team is drawn from many different backgrounds with one unifying vision - translating our technological expertise into the ultimate Guest experience. Our team contains international theme park, resort and hospitality specialists, and experts in artificial intelligence algorithms, machine and deep learning facial recognition software all devoted to the perfect software package.

Facetag is a complete solution that will boost your retail revenue, engage your visitors and increase your social media presence - effortlessly!

Cost Free & Risk Free

With only commission charged on image sales, our software and platform is completely free - no contracts, no setup fees, no specialist hardware required, no usage fees or subscriptions, and facetag integrates with your existing Photo setup.


A dedicated and robust marketing and technical support team to guide you through every step of the setup and ongoing operation of facetag at your venue.

POS marketing support to help you promote and integrate facetag into your business model.

Dedicated industry specialists and online guides to maximise every aspect of facetag and ensure your revenue stream is operating to its fullest potential.

The Facetag Cloud

All images are stored securely on our cloud servers giving greater flexibility and security to your images.

Automated Upload

Automated Ride Photos can be set to upload automatically and we can write specific script/code to integrate with your existing attraction photography software. Photographers can either drag and drop from memory cards directly onto the Facetag dashboard or even while they are 'roaming' utilise their WI-FI enabled cameras to upload directly for instant real-time delivery in seconds to everyone in the image... Now that's service!

Your Free Profile page in our app

Join our network of 'Places'. Even if you don't wish to distribute photos. Simply sign-up and create your free profile screen, upload your logo and promotional images, social links as well as phone and email where Users can contact you directly from the app. Users can search for you by name or click on our 'nearby' function in map view, they can also 'like' 'bucket list' and 'check-in' all we ask in return is that you promote facetag in your venue

Physical Printed Products

If you choose, Guests can also purchase your printed products through the facetag app giving them the option to either collect their gift photography at the end of their visit, ship domestic or international or you can even add a list of local hotels that you are prepared to deliver to. The point is that you can custom and tailor the system to fit the needs of your business but most importantly your Guests.

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